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The 3rd Annual Cuban Sandwich Festival is Scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, March 22nd & 23rd, 2014 @ Ybor City!

Visit our NEW Event Website: www.theCubanSandwichFestival.com

3rd Annual Cuban Sandwich Festival is NOW a 2 Day/Weekend Event!


Day 1 Starts at @ Ybor City Saturday Market, Centennial Park in Historic Ybor City @ 1800 E. 8th Street, Saturday March 22nd 2014; 10:30AM–6:30 PM;


The biggest names in Florida’s communities re-unite and join efforts in celebration of Florida’s Rich Cultural Food and History! Record breaking crowds came out for the 2nd Annual Cuban Sandwich Festival, CBS Television estimating that over 20,000 people attended!  An exciting FREE COMMUNITY event the “Cuban Sandwich Festival” celebrates the richness of Florida’s cultural communities! The Cuban Sandwich Festival is an exciting festival and contest to find THE BEST Traditional and non-Traditional Cuban Sandwiches in Florida and beyond!


Enjoy LIVE cultural music on Stage featuring dance and EXCITING LIVE musical performances! 

A true cultural festival featuring over 75 Food, Art & Cultural Exhibitors!

Hosted By: ABC Action News, Lissette Campos-Perez, 30 Florida Restaurants will compete for the chance to be called the BEST Cuban Sandwich in 2014! 


Day 2 of Cuban Sandwich Festival Sunday, March 23rd, 2014 @ HCC – Ybor

Day 2 of the Cuban Sandwich Festival will feature the Cuban Sandwich Awards and the World’s Biggest Cuban Sandwich Event!   11:00 AM – 5:00 PM


To Review the 2013 Winners Visit and keep up with current updates, please visit our website often: www.TheCubanSandwichFestival.com

Visit Website to see VIP Judges National Judge:  Actor Keith Davidwww.TheCubanSandwichFestival.com for current updates!

Tampa: Ana Cruz, Bridgette Bello of Tampa Bay Business Journal, Cloe Cabrerra of Tampa Tribune, Jose Bello, Ernest Hooper of the Tampa Bay Times, Gayle Guyardo of NBC, Vince Pardo of YCDC and MORE!


South Florida: Sef Gonzalez of Burger Beast and MORE VIP Judges to be announced soon!   Serving as Czar:  Steve Otto overseeing the voting process, Yvonne Yolie Capin presenting resolution naming Cuban Sandwich as Historical Sandwich of Tampa!


Event Sponsored by: Latin Times Media, Inc., City of Tampa, YCDC, Ybor City Saturday Market, Estrella TV, MORE-TV, THIS-TV, Creative Loafing, Ybor City Museum, Florida State Parks.


Read 2013 follow up media: And WFLA NewsChannel 8 ran a segment yesterday, calling the festival "hugely successful." Go to http://images.burrellesluce.com/image/19551BD/19551BD_TE1745712NE and click the --Available video-- link. 

‘Best Cuban sandwich’ decided in Ybor City: The Tampa Tribune – 3/30/2013: Radio personality Jack Harris walked around the courtyard next to the Ybor City Museum on Saturday with the glazed look of someone who had eaten too much. That because Harris, host of WFLA (970 AM)'s morning talk show, did eat too much. “I think I've had my fill of Cuban sandwiches for the next three years,” Harris said. Read more from the Tampa Tribune [http://tbo.com/south-tampa/best-cuban-sandwich-decided-in-ybor-today-b82471641z1]







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