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Inspirational Writings

The Walk of the Victorious Over-comer!

BY Victor Padilla

   To be Victorious, means having achieved a victory; conquering; triumphant.
To be an over-comer means: To defeat in competition or conflict, conquer, to prevail over, to overpower to render incapable or powerless by laughter, sorrow, exhaustion to be victorious. I am here today to tell you ,Your a victorious over-comer, you are a child of God! When you gave your
life over to Jesus, he already won the victory over your life. You must realize who you are! For to long you have been convinced that you are the child of this world, let me tell you something, you were never the child of this world, you were born into this world but I'm here to tell you that you were
never created for this world. That is why you are here today, that is why God has been pulling on you and tugging you because you don't belong to this world, you belong to God!

  Read Isaiah 43:7 “ Every one called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him: Yea, I have made him!” We were created by God for his glory, you never belonged to this world, the enemy wants you to
believe that you did, but you never did. Think, why is it that you have always run into walls in your life, you knew that the whole time you weren't right, something didn't seem right. When you were even a child, you knew that something was different about you. Why? Because brothers and sisters you were created by the creator of the universe, you were created for God's Glory!
People in the church are weak over-comers, they aren't even victorious, they preach it, they talk it, but they don't even know who they are, preaching about positive imagery and think it and it will be so! Humanistic teaching! Listen, when you were little did you not know who your Mommy was? You knew
who was going to breast feed you? Everybody says I am a child of God, but the truth is, they don't even realize it! You are the victorious child of God almighty!!! Everything that Jesus had, we have the right to, you hear me.

  Jesus walked in the completeness, he had no doubt who his father was.
First you got to change your mindset of the way you perceive yourself

Read Psalm 118:5-14 “ I called upon the Lord in distress....
You must come to the realization that you have the right to call upon your father when your being attacked by the enemy, by those who are trying to destroy you, by those who want to bring you down!
“ The Lord is on my side!....” Who's side is he on? MY SIDE! WHY? Because you are Victorious! You are a God creation, formed by his hand to conquer to overcome, to stand and watch his glory fall around you! AMEN Hallelujah! Grasp it, take it, hold it and start transforming your mind! Look Jesus said,' … and these things you shall do and greater” WE ARE CONQUERORS!!!!
We have victory over death itself! When trials come your way when you feel like your surrounded and there is no answer, there is no way out, YOU ARE A CHILD OF THE LIVING, MOST HIGH GOD!

 What are you cowarding for? Get up and proclaim your right as a child of God!! I know your listening and I want you to open your eyes to this fact, even DEATH cannot Conquer you! Why? Because it couldn't conquer my Savior, Jesus, EVEN DEATH MUST OBEY A CHILD OF GOD! For to long you have been walking around like a toothless Lion, roaring but having no bite!

  Read John 16: 33 “ ..I have overcome the World.” People it doesn’t matter what you see in front of you , it was conquered by the son of God, it was overcome already, the price has already been paid for it!

  Read 1st John 5:4 “ That whosoever is born of God, Overcometh The World.....” God created you to you to walk in Victory, to walk in the resurrection of his son Jesus, in his power, in his might. I tell you one thing God is sick of hearing these bloated full of gas preachers talking trash to
line their pockets when they aren't even walking in the fullness of his power. You better realize who you are, listen you think the enemy doesn't know who you are, he is afraid of you, are you listening to me? He is afraid of you Child of God.

Read John 1:10-13 “ We are over-comers!”
Read Galatians 3:26 We are born of God in the spirit. One essential thing to being a child is that you must spend time with your father, you must know him, build your relationship with your creator. You want to be an effective Over-comer you must spend time with the one who created you. Jesus knew who his father was, he walked in his power, he walked in relationship with his father! When you walk in the knowledge of being a child of God, Demons must
tremble and bow down because you are a child of God. You must know who you are, you are a Victorious Over-comer!


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